The Process

Step 1

Enter your info. Our program will size your system to make MORE power than you need to make sure there is an excess for you to use.

Step 2

Sign some docs. Within a few weeks a project manager will reach out to you and will hold your hand throughout the process

Step 3

Once the system is installed, your electric bill should go to $0, and will be replaced with a solar bill. This solar bill is a flat rate that stays the same over the years.

Step 4

When/if you move away, the new home-owner just resumes the monthly solar fee (that was locked in years prior so it should be very attractive to a potential home buyer)

Step 5

System is high efficiency and comes with a 25 year bumper to bumper warranty, including the roof space that it covers

Step 6

After 25 years, whoever lives in the home no longer has to pay the monthly solar fee and the system is owned outright

About New Power™

New Power™ is a leader in the residential solar industry. New Power™ connects home owners with energy solutions. Solar made simple isn’t a tagline, it’s core to the company philosophy. Working with industry experts from sunrise to sunset, New Power™ exceeds industry standards for installation time and customer relations. New Power™ has established local professionals who work with customers in their community, helping them find the right solar solution. Located in Southern California with operations throughout the state, New Power™ is making solar a reality with cost, installation, and simplicity. To learn more about New Power™, please visit

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