Few Simple Steps

  • Enter basic info
  • System generates documents to sign with appropriate system size based on your current electrical usage
  • Sign warranty/install docs detailing no upfront cost, panel quantity, and approximate monthly fee
  • Fill out application to qualify for monthly fee
  • Sign monthly fee docs
  • Project manager will reach out to you within a few weeks to get the job started.

Wow, It looks like we can save you a boat load of money!

Solar would be an excellent fit for you!

your current average monthly bill is $

your current average yearly kwh usage is

our system has prepared some great options for you!

please select the option that best fits your needs

You are almost there...

  1. Find a great Solar Company to work with
  2. Calculate your usage and figure out your savings
  3. Sign the agreement to lock in your deal
  4. Fill out the financing docs
  5. Set an Install Date
  6. Enjoy worry free power at a fixed price!

Let's move on to the agreement, so we can lock in these great rates.